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Coffee Break – Hard-Earned Cash Coin Purse

Hard-Earned Cash Coin PurseThere’s a glare on the picture of this amusing little coin purse, but what it says on top is “SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY.” Love it! I’d use it for a “lunch money” pouch — I’d keep all of my “buy 10 get one free” cards, along with change and about $20 or so — to take with me while making my lunch run for regular lunch spots in the area. It’s $4.99 at Modcloth. Hard-Earned Cash Coin Purse


Tiptoeing Through the Tulips: How to Walk Quietly in Heels

quiet heelsReader J wonders how one can walk quietly in heels…

One problem I struggle with is finding shoes that don’t echo down the hallway every time I take a step. As a legal assistant, I spend a lot of time running to the courthouse to file papers, etc., and I’m very conscious of the fact that my heels announce my arrival. I would love it if you could do a post about how to walk quietly!

Interesting question. My best advice, I think, is to look into getting rubber soles and rubber tips put on your heels — something a cobbler should be able to do for you fairly quickly and easily. The rubber should tread more quietly, and it should also prevent skidding (bonus!). (Update: there’s now an entire brand of heels, Ssh-oes, devoted to being quiet!  Pictured.)

You may also want to make sure that your shoes fit properly — if your heels are sliding out of your shoes there may be an echo effect to whatever sound you’re making.

Finally, some shoes are just noisy — flip-flops, I’m looking at you — and just shouldn’t be worn at the office for that reason.  A lot of platform heels also have this problem, sadly.

Readers, what’s your advice for how to walk quietly in heels?

(Also: don’t forget to check out the Corporette Guide to Comfortable Heels if you haven’t already!)

Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Theona Printed Silk Wrap-Around Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Tory Burch TheonaHappy Monday! I’m liking this beautiful wrap-around dress from Tory Burch. Love the gathered bodice and self-belt, as well as the ladylike length. For the office I’d wear it with a structured, closely fitted blazer on top — perhaps in a white or navy — and closed-toe, nude-for-me pumps. Saks has the “purple chickadee” print (pictured); note that Tory Burch’s website also has it in a navy “featherfan” print. It’s $388 at both. Tory Burch Theona Printed Silk Wrap-Around Dress

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Weekend Open Thread

Frye – Dannika Campus (Black) – FootwearSomething on your mind? Chat about it here.

Zappos seems to have a number of sales on Frye boots right now, for some reason. Case in point: this simple, classic pair of tall black boots (also available, for full price, in brown). Whether tall boots are appropriate in your workplace or not, they are a staple of most women’s closets — and Frye boots are renowned for their comfort. These were $348, now marked to $208.80 at Zappos. Frye – Dannika Campus (Black) – Footwear

P.S. – I forgot to mention this, but I’ll be live-blogging the Oscars for a bit tonight — check out the @Corporette Twitter feed!

Weekly News Update

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front closet organization– A great reason to buy designer shoes, at the very least, right before you put your house/apartment on the market:  brokers say you’ll get every penny out of them because prospective buyers will want to “step into” your life.  (Clearly, I need to upgrade my shoe collection at some point before I put my apartment on the market in 3-5 years!)

– Hmmn: Fashionista insists we all try the hair bungee.

– For everyone nursing (or expecting to do so in the nearish future): WSJ’s The Juggle has some tips on how to continue nursing while traveling for business.

The Productivity Pro has some tips for how to manage a micromanager.

Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Printed Pleat Neck Silk Blouse

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Stars Printed Pleat Neck Silk BlouseHappy Friday! Today I’m digging this abstract, crosshatchy printed silk blouse from Urban Outfitters. Love the silk, the pleats, the button at the back of the neck, and the slightly puffed sleeves — I always think that type of sleeve can look cute when layered on top of, say, a simple white long-sleeved crewneck for colder weather, or worn with just a camisole beneath it (which I’m guessing is needed) for warmer months. The blouse is only available online at Urban Outfitters, for the reasonable-ish price of $48. Staring at Stars Printed Pleat Neck Silk Blouse

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