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  1. My sister is getting her Master’s in Education in a few weeks – any gift suggestions? $150 or less… TTIA fabulous Corporette gifters.

  2. Jewelry- a nice pair of earrings, etc.?

    • Good idea. I would get something a little splurge-y, like pearl studs.

      • Good idea. I was thinking of “apple” jewelry (since she’s going into elementary school teaching), but didn’t want it to be too cheesy. Any good websites for pearls?

        • SAlit-a-gator :

          Try Ross Simmons’ website – all of their jewelry is fab, and non-cookie cutter blah like most national chain jewelers.

          • That’s where mine are from, in fact. They are pretty traditional – pearls surrounded by teensy diamonds – and I wear them all the time. RS has good prices, too, and one really good thing: if you lose one of the earrings, you can buy a new pair at half off. That’s unfortunately come in handy. Ha ha.

        • Anonymous :

          PearlParadise. They are really, really good!

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