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  1. sarah cool :

    Wow. Really invasive popup adds. Haven’t clicked through in a while.

  2. Anonymous :

    For those of you who work at home and/or have small children: how do you not snack all the time? I’m trying to lose weight and this never leaving the house/goldfish crackers thing is difficult.

    • I don’t buy snacks!

    • When I worked at home, I had that problem, too. It helped to have some really healthy things (carrot and celery sticks, etc.) ready to go so that I could munch on them when I got the urge.

    • Only buy fruit and veggies as snacks. If the kids won’t eat them, they must not be that hungry.

    • chew gum & drink lots of water – but it’s hard!

  3. I buy things I don’t like, but the kids do!!

  4. I have a just above the knee-length, black and white floral silk skirt, kind of full, that I’ve had several years. I don’t wear it a lot, but it’s great for hot summer days with a tank and black 3/4 sleeve light weight cardigan, is that just horribly dated? Or still a classic style? I’m a little wary of wearing something I’ve had for 5 years, it’s easy to cross the line from comfortable/classic to dated/frumpy. I love bringing these questions to the board, I never read fashion magazines, and I hate trying to stay up on fashion. But reading here has helped me retire some of my more dated looks. Thanks!

    • It sounds fine to me. Graphic black & whites are totally in right now, kate spade has a lot of those kinds of looks.
      But if you think the look needs updating (and if you’re thinking about it, it might) maybe you can try something a bit more fashion forward like a black & white striped breton tee with 3/4 sleeves? Or maybe wear the look with more trendy shoes like congac strappy wedges or espadrilles?

    • Sounds lovely! Though my own personal style would be to throw in a little color with the tank or cardigan or add some fun accessories.

      • I do have a lime green cardigan and a coral one, maybe I’ll try one of those.

  5. Did anyone else click on this link above? One more thing to worry about.

    Should we be worried about Earth’s magnetic poles reversing? (Mother Nature Network)

    • I don’t see the ad you’re referring to. I think everyone gets different links depending on what else you’ve been looking at.

    • NASA says even if it does happen, it’s not something that would have any dramatic effects.

      Or, in other words — guys in high school reversed their magnetic poles all the time, no big deal.

    • Magnetic poles naturally drift, but it happens so slowly (think hundreds of thousands of years) so it won’t impact you on a day to day basis. As it stands, magnetic north isn’t exactly at the northern most point of the planet, but is close enough for most purposes.