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Thursday’s TPS Report: Pleated Skirt

Blaque Label Pleated Skirt | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. This week of TPS reports come to you from another recently pregnant lady: Work That Bump blogger, mother, lawyer, and overachieving chick, K.

One of my favorite looks for work is an interesting skirt with a Brooks Brothers no-iron shirt, a statement necklace, and heels. It looks very crisp, and it’s easy to throw on the black blazer I keep in my office to look presentable for an unexpected meeting. If you want something similar to this but with less color, this Vince Camuto skirt is a good option. If you don’t think button-up shirts work for you, I suggest that you go into a Brooks Brothers store and try on every cut, multiple sizes, petites, and long. They are practically customizable because they have so many options available. This skirt is $119 at ShopBop. Blaque Label Pleated Skirt

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Suit of the Week: Halogen

Halogen Indigo Crosshatch SuitFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

Happy Wednesday! I’m loving the sale on this “indigo crosshatch” suiting set from Halogen. I think light blue suits always end up being surprisingly wearable in the summer, and I like that this one has a very on-trend look (for a very affordable price) of a midi skirt. I’m no fan of cuffed pants, but for a casual day at the office I could see the ankle pants being cute. There are plenty of sizes left, and the whole set is 40% off. The jacket (Halogen® ‘Indigo Crosshatch’ Single-Button Suit Jacket) was $128, but is now marked to $76.80; the skirt (Halogen® Crosshatch Weave Midi Pencil Skirt) was $68, now marked to $39.90, and the pants (Halogen® ‘Quinn – Indigo Crosshatch’ Skinny Ankle Pants) were $88, but are now marked to $52.80. [Read more…]

Tales from the Wallet: Should You Get an MBA?

should you get an MBAShould you get an MBA? If you’ve ever pondered getting your MBA but wondered if it was worth the investment of time and money, today’s guest post is for you. We’ve talked about how to prepare your finances for grad school, as well as the pros and cons of changing careers, but we truly haven’t talked about this — so I’m thrilled to welcome the personal finance blogger behind Well Heeled Blog, a young woman who just finished her MBA. Welcome to Corporette! – Kat.  (Pictured: Ted Baker London ‘Neon’ Leather Card Wallet, $55 at Nordstrom.)

I recently graduated from a 2-year, full-time MBA program at one of the “15 schools that make up the Top 10 MBA.” I once heard a dean use that phrase and think it’s a humorously apt way to describe the way schools jockey for that much-vaunted “top 10.” designation.

Once you include the money I spent out of pocket and the opportunity cost of two years of foregone earnings and benefits (minus the living expenses I would have had to spend, MBA or not), this degree cost me at least $250,000. That’s enough for a house in many parts of the country, and a hefty down payment in even the priciest areas such as San Francisco or New York City.

Was my MBA worth it? I’m a long-time Corporette reader and occasional commenter, and I’ve seen several questions on MBAs and finances. The decision to pursue an MBA isn’t solely about the ROI in dollars and cents–there are plenty of non-financial benefits such as a grounding in business education, a wider and deeper network, and the opportunity to devote two years to furthering your professional and personal growth. Still, the fact remains that an MBA is an expensive proposition for most people, and this proposition can expand your career horizon while at the same time limiting your future financial choices. Here are my thoughts about the financial implications of an MBA now that I have completed my degree–what I would (and have) told friends who are thinking about pursuing an MBA, especially through a full-time program:

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Wednesday’s TPS Report: Herringbone Linen Jacket

J. Crew Herringbone Linen Jacket | CorporetteOur daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. This week of TPS reports come to you from another recently pregnant lady: Work That Bump blogger, mother, lawyer, and overachieving chick, K.

I am a big fan of interesting blazers. For today’s TPS, I first went in search of a jacket similar to this one, which I have and love. When my husband first saw it, he said, “You’re going to wear THAT to WORK?” But with a black pencil skirt and black pumps, it is perfectly appropriate for my law firm. Anyway, I couldn’t find anything similar to that one (the closest I could find were this one at Saks and this one at Zappos), but this jacket from J. Crew still struck my fancy. I think it would look particularly nice with a cobalt blue skirt (channeling Kat today) and some black pumps. There’s also a matching skirt if you want to make a suit of it. It’s on sale for $148 (although you can barely call that a sale since it’s usually just $10 more). Herringbone Linen Jacket

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Coffee Break: Majorie Pump

Tahari Majorie PumpSure, these shoes are a little bit boring… but sometimes you want a simple beige or black pump. The price is pretty good: they’re $70 at DSW. Tahari Majorie Pump

Guest Post: How to Leave a Company Town (And Conduct a Long Distance Job Search)

How to Leave a Company Town | CorporetteIs your job very location-specific — and have you ever wondered what would happen to your career if you picked up and moved away from the “company town,” embarking on a long distance job search in the process? Today’s guest post comes to us from one of my best friends from law school, Mindy Barry, who was already pretty senior on Capitol Hill when I met her.  Since law school, she’s accomplished the incredible not once but twice: building a great career as a chief counsel on the Hill, and then chucking it all to build a new legal career in Michigan.  For all of the readers who feel chained to their city because of their job, I asked Mindy to share her experience.  (We have talked about finding a job in a new city, but not in ages!)  Mindy, thank you so much for sharing with us! – Kat.

Imagine you are midway into the prime of your career, you are exactly where you aspired to be professionally, you have the position you  worked for years to achieve, and you decide to give it all up to move for reasons unrelated to your career. How would you go about finding a new job in a new profession in a new city where you know almost no one?

That’s the situation I found myself in about seven years ago when my husband and I decided to move from Washington, D.C., to Michigan. At the time, I was a chief counsel on Capitol Hill, where I had worked for my entire professional career. Although I am a lawyer, I had never worked in a traditional law practice and was not sure how to parlay my experience dealing in politics and legislation into a challenging and rewarding career outside of the Washington Beltway. Making the move was an exciting but scary prospect. Looking back on that time in my life, here are some things I know now that I wish I had known then:  [Read more…]