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  1. Finally made a decision to talk to my boss about poor working conditions in my group (in a nutshell, too much work, unfair/uneven distribution of work, level of work, and super high stress levels impacting the health of my whole group). I need to go into this meeting with suggestions. What suggestions do you ladies have, especially in big law, that are realistic and would make your overworked over stressed lives better?

    • Hug’s to you! It seems that alot of us women get alot more work b/c we are so productive, while some of the men are much LESS So. FOOEY! What I would say — and have said to my manageing partner is that I am already workeing very hard, and that if I get stretched to much more, I will not be abel to be as meticuluous as I have been in my breif writing, and if that is the case, my winning percentage will go down below 90%, which is NOT a good thing.

      Also, if we are stressed at work, we tend to bring these thing’s home with us. I do NOT know if you are MARRIED, but if you are, this will NOT be helpful to your releationship. I know that Alan was stressed b/c his boss made him work and he was NOT to smart, and he took it out on me b/c I was soft to him and did NOT stand up when he did things he should NOT have. You do NOT want to be in that position. FOOEY!

      Now I am lookeing for another guy, but I do NOT want to have that kind of baggage, nor will I tolerate that kind of baggage from him. Butch may have a shot, but the JURY is still out on him. Dad wants to meet him, and he will decide if Butch is worthy of me. You need to make the same choices. YAY!!!!

    • I’m not in Big Law, but something the hive has helped me with in the past is really thinking through what your goal of the meeting is. I know this probably sounds way too obvious, but start with your goal in mind and work backwards. Really hash it out on paper with what you hope to accomplish, what hurdles you will have to overcome to get there, what are immediate and long term solutions to start making things better, and how you will measure the progress toward those goals. Just doing that helped me see the forest from the trees, and really narrow my focus and cut out all the other BS that was crowding my frustrated & frazzled brain. Then when you meet, come in with an itemized list so you don’t forget anything you want to say, and just stick to the salient points. Go in to it assuming you will get push back on all your proposed solutions and have good counterpoints ready.

  2. Dying at “You need to make the same choices.”

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