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  1. Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

    Happy Clothes Threadjack:

    I just bought a leather & lace dress to wear to an old pal’s New Year’s Eve c*cktail party. I hope I look like a proper Punk Miss Havisham. :-)

    • Niiiice! Shoes?

      • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

        Shoes are going to be a problem — my sad bunioned feet and crappy ankles can’t take the Victorian-style booties I’d like to wear to make this more over-the-top.

        I may have to just try to keep the eye on the upper half of me.

        Maybe I can find some cobweb pins (if there’s any Halloween clearance stuff left) to pin on myself to complete the Havisham look. That plus, a spike neckband/choker. Yes, I’m crazy, but it will make my friend laugh. :-)

      • Double Boo :

        Barking dogs notes these have a wide toe box. Little pricey but give a fab Havisham vibe.

        • Susan (edna_mode_nyc) :

          Oooh! Love! And, they don’t look like they’ll hurt much, if at all. Thank you!

    • <3 Have you seen this sweet jacket? It's 35% Off Today. :)

  2. looking for a vest! :

    With great help from Nictaw and other ‘rettes, I’ve ordered two outfits for my 10-yr-old son’s first experience wearing a jacket. We’ll see which fits him best once they’re all here.

    The first is:
    A black pinstripe suit www [dot] 6pm [dot] com/appaman-kids-mod-suit-two-piece-toddler-little-kids-big-kids-pinstripe?zfcTest=mat%3A1
    a bright blue shirt www [dot] 6pm [dot] com/calvin-klein-kids-sateen-shirt-big-kids-dark-blue?zfcTest=mat%3A1

    The second option is:
    A herringbone jacket www [dot] landsend [dot] com/pp/boys-herringbone-blazer~245367_1189.html
    grey dress pants www [dot] jcrew [dot] com/AST/Navigation/Sale/AllProducts/PRDOVR~45915/99102397523/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~0~~20+18+4294966463~15~~~~~~~/45915.jsp (picked up in the mall for way less than that price!)
    a black shirt www [dot] hm [dot] com/us/product/02925?article=02925-B (also on sale at the mall)

    To complete the second ensemble, I’d like to get him a bright colored vest–plaid or cranberry, just something bright to break up all the grey and black. I’ve checked Zappos, 6pm, Hartstrings, JCrew, Lands End, Macy’s, Dillards, Nordstrom, Saks, H&M, local Bealls, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Struck out every time. We might wind up with a tie instead, but I think a vest would be more comfortable. Where else should I look?

    • Have you asked him if he’d be ok with wearing a vest? I don’t know about a 10 year old, but I have boys who are ages 8 and 13, and I can tell you for sure that neither of them would be caught dead wearing a vest. They wear a jacket and tie fairly frequently, and don’t object at all, but no way either of them would wear a vest under a jacket.

  3. Kat, thanks for doing these round-ups of previous posts. The Financial Moves to Make at the End of the Year reminded me to order my credit reports and finally get around to reevaluating my FSA contribution.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I heard a great idea once that since you can only pull your credit report once a year from each bureau for free (which, by the way, I think is stupid) that you should pull only a report from 1 agency at a time and then space them out. So this month I pulled my experian report, 4 months from now I’ll pull my Transunion one, etc. That way you can keep a bit of a better eye on things throughout the year. Just a thought that I wanted to pass on.

      • Great ‘r3tte minds think alike! Someone posted this in the comments section of the post linked above, and this is what I intend to do from now on :)

      • just Karen :

        This is what I do, but I wanted to clarify that you only get one per year for free – you can still do soft pulls yourself to keep on top of things, you just have to pay for them. If you ever have reason to suspect your identity has been stolen or a fraudulent account opened, you can also get additional free reports based on the situation.

        • Sydney Bristow :

          Thanks Karen. That I what I meant, but thanks for clarifying my statement as it is an important point.

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