What to Wear to a Company Golf Outing

golf skirtWhat do you wear for a company golf outing? Reader C has a great question that we haven’t talked about in a while:

Would you consider doing a post on what to wear to the corporate golf outing? I have several to go to this year, in US and UK – and need some guidance.

Wowza. We talked about what to wear to a company golf scramble back in the early days of this blog (with a bit of help from a girlfriend of mine who is a golfer), but I thought we’d revisit the topic. I’m not a big golfer myself — readers, what would you wear to a golf outing?

Some thoughts from poking around the web:

  • Check whether the golf course has a dress code. According to Golfsmith, some courses may require women to wear shirts with sleeves as well as longer shorts, and shoes may require a certain kind of cleats; these will both apply to a company golf outing as well.
  • Avoid denim.  Instead, think Bermuda shorts or skorts (6pm and Zappos have a surprising number of cute ones, including the skort pictured above:  adidas Golf Fashion Performance Digital Plaid Skort ’13, now on sale for $45 at 6pm.)
  • Finally, Gradspot has a good “beginner’s guide to golf etiquette,” including some lingo.

Ladies — particularly those of you who’ve been to more than one company golf outing — what is your advice?


  1. Captain Obvious :

    This – http://www.amazon.com/Rasta-Imposta-Adult-Halloween-Costume/dp/B000VHRFYQ

  2. Athleta has absolutely adorable attire made specifically for golf, so I’d use this as an excuse to buy something awesome from them. They have some nice skorts and unique tops. Their shoes are wrong however – you need real golf shoes. DSW has some that don’t break the bank.

  3. I golf pretty infrequently, so other more experienced golfers may have more helpful comments… but yes, as Kat says, definitely check to see if the place has a dress code. Some places even prohibit collarless shirts, I think! Safest bet is probably capris or Bermuda shorts and a short-sleeved polo shirt. Also, you may want a cap or visor. It’ll prevent some sweat from dripping down onto your forehead (hooray) and, if you have dark hair like me, a light-colored hat will keep you cooler in the sun. (oh yea, and sun protection).

    • Maybe you could ask someone at your workplace if you need golf shoes? I’d hate to purchase some for only a few outings in one summer, and many places do not care if you wear sneakers.

      • I didn’t realize that, about the shoes, although I suspect most places of company-outing caliber may require shoes. I’m personally more of the any-excuse- to-buy-shoes camp…such as:

      • I would recommend the Ecco street golf shoes if they will be worn infrequently. These can double as street shoes because they contain rubber nubs instead of cleats an they are pretty cute.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I’ve only golfed once and it was actually for a company tournament that I organized. I was the least qualified person to organize it but luckily it turned out well! I wore capris, a short-sleeve polo shirt, and a visor. I was only one of two women there and she wore something similar, so I think it was a good choice.

  4. I’m not a golfer, but I would probably opt for a cropped pant (like something in a brushed twill?) and a polo shirt. So you look polished casual, but still golf-y.

    I wouldn’t go for a skort unless I were a regular golfer. It feels like I’d be trying too hard? Like I purchased an outfit specifically for this occasion.

    • Yes, cropped pants/capris would be most appropriate. While Bermuda shorts are perfectly fine from a golf attire standpoint, if this is a work-related event, then I’d pass on the shorts. A golf skirt/skort is appropriate too, but only if you’re a good enough golfer to carry off the look. Otherwise, a trim-fitting pair of capris with a short-sleeved polo is the way to go.

    • I have a golf skort and wear it all the time on weekends. I haven’t golfed in ages. It looks much better than gym attire for being out and about (bonus: no inner thigh rub).

      • Anonymous :

        It’s a skort. It doesn’t look better than anything.

        • just Karen :

          I adamantly disagree in the world of sportswear – I think the skorts that have a full skirt with shorts underneath (instead of just a flap in front) can be really cute.

          • Anonymous :

            She said “for being out and about” not for sporting. There’s no excusing skorts unless you are actively engaging in a sport.

          • I have a skort from Athleta – forget the name, but it’s a fuller style and a complete skirt. So it looks just like a skirt, but there are built in shorts. It’s very nice for running around DC in the summer because it’s cool and yeah, no rub. It also was very nice for sitting on the lawn at Wolf Trap – cool and I didn’t have to worry about flashing anyone.

            I’m coming around to shorts more, but still think I look better in a skirt.

          • I don’t even know how you tell the difference between a sporty skirt and that kind of skort unless you’re actually looking up it.

          • Saacnmama :

            I much prefer the ones with “just a flap in front”. If I wanted 2 layers if fabric, I’d wear a pair of shirts under my skirt–don’t need a company to see them together.
            I get so tired of searching for skort and all the results are shorts + skirt, instead of a proper skort, which looks like shorts in the back

          • Oh. No.

            You need a time machine back to 1993 and you’ll find shorts with a flap front.

        • Not saying V does this, but I guarantee a golf skort looks better than old yoga pants/leggings stretched to the point of transparency for being “out and about.” Besides, there are some legitimately cute golf skorts out there (that are skirts with shorts underneath..not those one-sided flap abominations).

          • Anonymous :

            Oh good. The yoga pants debate. We can see your underpants. No you can’t. Yes, we can. You’re fat and I’m thin. You’re rude. Leggings aren’t pants. I like the way they look. You’re stupid.

            Can we all just shut the f up about yoga pants. Get over it. They are here to stay until the next trend arrives.

        • Hush child :

          Don’t be a jerk, please.

          • Anonymous :

            It’s a fashion blog. If we can’t take a stand against skorts here, then where?

          • To Anonymous :

            Genuine question, and I dont own any skorts but I’m curious why they inspire such strong feelings – can you explain why you are takng a stand against them?

          • Saacnmama :

            I don’t know why anyone would hate them but I love them because I love skirts but can’t play with my kid very well in one.

      • I love skorts! Skorts are pretty, practical and comfortable.
        I’ll shout my adoration of skorts from the rooftops. Mine aren’t so much the sporty ones but I could wear a skort to anything, any day.

    • I completely agree. A non-golfer wearing a skort will look like she’s trying too hard to fit in. And golf apparel is so ugly and dorky in the first place; there is no need to try to fit into THAT particular look unless you have to. Capri pants all the way, please, or nice yoga pants. Skorts are just … ugh.

  5. I golf fairly often and I like to wear capris made specifically for golf. Usually they have deeper pockets (to hold tees, extra golf ball, ball marker, glove, etc.) and are made of breathable athletic fabric. I always wear a collared polo – again, usually made from breathable athletic fabric. Because you’re going to be outside all day, it’s good to prepare for the elements. Grab a longsleeved top like a v-neck sweater to wear if it gets chilly. Also a hat or visor is good to keep the sun off your face. Don’t forget sunscreen!

    • Can you recommend any capris for a high-waisted pear? Bonus if it is internet-orderable.

      • On sale too! :


      • I’ve found Columbia brand has a pretty high waist usually. Zappos often carries. REI house brand will probably have some good options, too, but their shipping can be so slow. I don’t see the style I usually wear on Zappos right now. But I could easily see something like this working on a course…


      • Anonymous :

        If you are a high waisted pear, you should step away from capri pants. In fact, if you are Miranda Kerr, you should step away from the capri pants.

    • This sound’s right. I do NOT golf, but my dad has made me come to go with HIM twice already to the golf course as his Kaddie. He said I can count the FITBIT steps AND carry his bag. He think’s that he is helpeing me, but all I am doieng is SWEATEING out there.

      Also, I think he is cheep b/c he is NOT payeing me and would have to pay a real Kaddie. FOOEY!

      I can NOT fake my steps and I am soooooooo tired after walkeing around with him for 3 hour’s in the SUN. DOUBEL FOOEY!

      I know it is good for me, but realy! I perfer to work out at the gym and do my step’s goeing to work on MADISON AVENUE!

      The peeople on the golf course my dad knows at the clubhouse also like him, but always are stareing at me. You would think they NEVER saw a woman before. TRIPEL FOOEY!

  6. Blonde Lawyer :

    Sorry for the thread jack but a quick complaint from my phone. My firm has gone gang busters on Internet use and has put in a ton of strict prohibitions on non-work necessary browsing and has put in active monitoring specifically to track blogging and social media use.

    Today is day 1 and I suspect productivity is going to go through the roof. I think they implemented this in response to someone anonymously posting some inside info somewhere about the firm or a case. I think it’s great that they warned us that with the new policy we’d be monitored but I think they are going to be shocked at how much (and how quickly) work is going to get done now. I don’t think they had any clue how much time the average person spent online a day.

    Needless to say, I’ll be here a lot less now.

    • Silvercurls :

      Maybe you can visit & comment in the late evening, Blonde Lawyer? (If more people switch to evening hours we could populate a * e t t e Second Shift.) Otherwise, be well. I enjoy your comments.

  7. I would wear a dress made of actual dragon flame and powdered unicorn horn. Because if I’m at a golf outing, we’re clearly in some kind of alternate universe.

    • Best reply ever and that’s saying something on this site.

    • Silvercurls :

      New threadjack: Instead of “what are you wearing (in real life)” how about “what would you wear to an event that you never, ever, ever expected or wanted to attend?” Respondents can specify the outfit, the event, or both.

      I would choose a parka and snowpants, because if I’m at [specify event here] it’s because H *** just froze over. Am not specifying the event because a) there are several contenders, and I don’t want to choose; b) it’s fun to encourage people to use their imaginations.

      Now–to follow Blonde Lawyer’s example–back to work, sigh.

  8. I never golf, but my firm has a golf scramble and patio diner every year that I (along with many other non-golfers) always attend.

    I recommend checking the course dress code and then going from there. Generally I wear some sort of non-denim capris or bermuda shorts (my firm is pretty casual to begin with though) and a lightweight summer-time appropriate sweater; I don’t actually own a polo.

    Personally, I think it would be strange to show up in a full-on golfing outfit if I wasn’t actually going to golf…. seems awkward to me.

  9. I had to attend a golf outing when I interned at a firm during undergrad. I had no money for new clothes/shoes, and the place did have a dress code. Luckily, I had khaki capris, polo shirts, and a low profile sneakers to wear. But then I got a raging headache from being in the sun and having a single beer at the luncheon, so not really a fan of these things, though I did love working at that firm.

  10. A young lady who writes for the Forbes Style File column with us, just recently did a great article on that:

  11. If you’re looking for fashionable golf clothes check out Pinks and Greens – (www.pinksandgreens.com). LOVE their stuff – they also have tennis and fitness too!

    • I love Pinks and Greens, too! They have options that are not so “old lady” golf. Check out the collection on their homepage – SO CUTE. http://www.pinksandgreens.com/golf/?___store=golf

  12. What you should wear depends on whether or not you’re golfing and the dress code of the venue. If you are golfing, I would suggest a short-sleeved polo, Bermuda shorts or skort (with deep pockets to carry an extra ball and tees), and soft-cleat golf shoes. Extras, depending on the weather, could include a visor and sweater or jacket. If there is a dinner following, check with the club or others who have been to the venue to inquire if gofers will be changing after golf. In some cases clubs require jackets and long slacks for men, so you should plan on changing into a skirt or long pants and a dressy top. If no dress requirement, you should bring a change of shoes (not flip flops!) and remove your golf shoes as soon as you finish golfing. If not golfing, a “smart casual” outfit is fine, just avoid denim or and remember it’s a corporate event.

  13. My golf instructor gave us guidelines:
    * no denim, ever
    * if sleeveless, you must have a collar
    * if the shirt has sleeves, collar is optional (t-shirts are not acceptable)
    * Shorts or skirts should be finger-tip length or longer

    I think golf shoes are optional. Since the grass can be wet, they are nice to have for both the water resistance and the grip. Different courses allows different types of spikes, I think.

    I have some skorts from Athleta that I find really comfortable both for golf and general summer errands and activities. Old Navy had some nice (and affordable) golf shirts last year, but I haven’t seen them yet this year.

    Don’t forget hat and/or polarized sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray.

  14. West Coast Clerk :

    I worked at a resort golf course in the pro shop for many years before going to law school and had a many awkward (or even hostile) conversation with customers about our dress code, so I’ll offer my two cents. A polo shirt is the safest bet. I’m of the opinion that sweaters are also fine, but depends how picky the course is. The last thing you want to do is show up at the course and be informed that you can’t go out dressed the way you are, forcing you to buy something overpriced (and usually ugly) in the shop instead. So it’s better to err on the side of having a collar than be faced with that awkward conversation, especially in front of co-workers.

    I stick to bermuda shorts or capris for pants. I personally love skorts for their comfort factor and I understand the sentiment that they’re not very stylish in everyday wear, but they are 100% acceptable in golf culture. However, if you’re wearing a skort in combination with a sporty polo (with the collar popped!) and baseball cap plus ponytail, you might be giving off a very distinct, “I was on the golf team in high school/college” vibe. Which is fine, but it makes it even more mortifying when you duff it off the first tee in front of everyone (not that I’ve ever done that). I haven’t been to a course that has required women to wear slacks, but oftentimes shorts are not permitted for men. Practically speaking, pockets are crucial. You don’t want to be that person who has to ask your cart-mate to toss you an extra ball or tee because you don’t have any pockets. I wouldn’t ever wear denim, even if the course allowed for it in their dress code.

    Golf shoes are optional; many golf shoes now look more like athletic shoes than you grandpa’s saddle shoes, so if you’re a casual golfer and don’t want to invest in golf shoes, sneakers are fine. If you’re going to be playing golf with any frequency, I think the soft-spike shoes are a great investment and you can usually find some good deals on Zappos when older styles go on sale. I also recommend some kind of hat for sun protection — I hate visors because I always burn my part, so I stick with baseball caps (course logo or a golf company on it, not sports teams).

    Brand-wise, you can’t go wrong Adidas or Nike for shirts and shorts. Lija is one of my favorite brands and has some really cute tops and pants that are more trendy. Ashworth, Cutter and Buck, and some of the other more “traditional” golf brands have some good stuff, but tend to have boxy cuts.

  15. AnonInfinity :

    I did not realize that some golf courses have dress codes until this thread. Is there a reason for the collar?

    • Anonymous :

      Because it’s important to know if riff raff are trying to infiltrate your classy course. Just kidding. Not really.

  16. one additional comment: don’t forget to bring something to change into after the event!

  17. Actually, I feel as thought I should clear up some of the confusion regarding the collar and skirt/shorts length issues.

    As a preamble, I will note that I am a pretty avid golfer. I am a member at a local country club and play at least once a week, sometimes as much as four. Not only have I been playing since I was a child, but I played golf competitively throughout high school and college. I play both public and private courses and also worked at various private courses in high school and college. I am also an attorney who plays in a lot of charity/bar related tournaments (I happen to be playing in one next week) and play with other attorneys and business connections frequently. Though I read the Corporette blog pretty often, this is the first time I have felt compelled to comment.

    Regarding the collar, I have NEVER seen a collared shirt required for women. This confusion often arises because they are almost always are required for men. Women can typically wear shirts without collars as long as they have sleeves. When wearing sleeveless shirts, it is better to wear a collar. And if you are playing in cold weather and are able to wear a windbreaker or sweater, a collared shirt is certainly not necessary underneath.

    With that said though, if you are uncertain I would say you should err on the side of caution and just wear a collar though because it is more acceptable. If you don’t have one though and don’t want to go out and purchase one, no one is going to frown upon not wearing a collared shirt.

    As for the skirt/short length, the almost universal rule amongst private country clubs is no more than one score card length above the knee. Basically the longer the better for private country clubs, but you can be more adventurous with public courses. I will even wear something as short as a tennis skirt while playing in Palm Desert (because it is hot), but would never wear a tennis skirt at the country club at which I am a member. If you are uncomfortable wearing a skirt, longer shorts and bermudas are a good bet.

    Regarding shoes, you don’t have to have golf shoes, but you probably should. Not wearing golf shoes is sort of frowned upon and might give off the wrong first impression. My feeling is that you should at least look the part, and part of that is wearing proper golf shoes.

    When I play in hot weather (I live in California so most days are pretty warm), I typically wear a skort that is specifically made for golf (golf companies tend to make skirts and skorts that are long enough for most courses), a collared sleeveless shirt that is sweat-proof, a hat, and golf shoes. I prefer wearing skorts because realistically it is not a good idea to play in a skirt. You bend down a lot to look at putts and a skirt is generally not a good idea because of that reason. I like shirts by Nike and Adidas because they have their own “Clima Cool” versions of shirts that wick away sweat and keep you dry even in the hottest of weather. I like hats with a bill that are adjustable so that I can put my ponytail through the hole. And though I have had many golf shoes throughout the years, I have found that Callaway makes the best-looking and most comfortable golf shoes.

    In the wintertime, I wear pants or capris (I prefer capris if the conditions are wet because pants can often get wet at the bottom), a non-collared shirt, and either a windbreaker or sweater.

    On any average day, these are probably what I am wearing:





  18. This question would have helped me two years ago. My firm had a golf membership at an exclusive club and I was the only female to sign up to play with the men, having grown up as competitive golfer. I wanted to look put together so I bought two bermuda short outfits with coordinating short-sleeved collared shirts from the local golf club and also bought a pair of Adidas golf capris for the colder days that I wore with a zip up fleece jacket or sweater. I also wore a golf brand baseball cap or visor and glove with ball marker. After much thought, I decided against the skort. Why? Because they are short and sporty and I wanted to give off a conservative vibe – I considered these rounds to be a work event and I would not dare to wear a mini skirt to the office so why should the course be any different. If not playing with bosses, I think the skort is an appropriate choice. I also think that sneakers are fine for those attending one round a year but any more and real golf shoes should be purchased. I posted earlier that the Ecco street line is good for crossing over from golf to street wear if one only plays a few rounds a year. I personally own a pair of Sandbaggers golf shoes. They are stylish and incredibly comfortable.

  19. Im on a charity golf committee and I plan on wearing a tailored green blazer (mexx – 40% off $50!) with a sleeveless yellow Callaway golf shirt and khaki bermuda shorts (mango). Im not a golfer by any means but I thought the green jacket was fitting.

  20. I have been getting all of my golf dresses from this new store that I stumbled upon, Pinks and Greens(my new favorite thing because they do not look like a “golf” dress and I can wear them out and about even when I am not golfing). love them!!


    They have tennis and fitness too!

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