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  1. Epoxy Flooring? :

    Anyone had their concrete slab covered with epoxy paint/coatings? What was the prep like? Messy? Wait time?

    FWIW we are looking for flooring that can survive flooding. Don’t want to haul out soaked wall to wall carpeting nor have companies to come in and shuck off glued-down wood flooring. This is not our forever home, so we don’t want to go high end.

    Have thought about ceramic tile; we’ve done miles and miles of it in prior and current homes, but I physically cannot do it any longer… will pay someone to install if that’s the final cost…but time consuming, I get that.

    TIA. We are at a crossroads in the decision making. Too bad no company will install terrazzo in existing homes, we love the portions of our home that have it … old and stained as it may be, there won’t be area rugs over the stains any more. Flood weary.

    • Anonymous :

      My parents painted their basement floor. I think the prep was roughly like regular paint, and the drying time was overnight. It looks great!

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