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  1. Lo & Sons Q :

    When is the best time to buy an OG bag (black)– they are having a 20% off sale now, but I can wait until after New Year’s (but not much after) if they do predictable better discounts on any sort of a schedule. Have a January trip and my current travel bag has died :(

    • You might get more responses waiting for the afternoon post, but the highest discount I’ve seen people mention here is 30%, I think.

    • There’s a 25% discount using code CAPHILLSTYLENOV2013 through the end of the month, and there may be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal that’s even better. I agree that 30% is the best I’ve seen.

  2. Grrr. I’m wearing a one-piece dress made to look like 2 pieces. Only the skirt part is lined. The lining is annoying – tends to hang out and is made of a material I don’t like.

    I’m so tempted to snip it out (when I get home, of course) and wear it with a half slip next time. Assuming I can even find a half slip. How do I know if it will be better or worse??

    (Although I like this dress, it’s not worth getting it professionally altered, so not an option).

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