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  1. anon dot gov :

    I feel like I need to eliminate all plain blue jeans from my wardrobe even though my office does jeans on Friday. I find they make my bottom half look wide and frumpy compared to colored or printed jeans and when I’m out I instantly wish I had worn something else.

    I did a huge cull a few months ago and went from over a dozen pair to 3 plus a pair of shorts. Now I am thinking of only keeping the shorts. I have jeans in all sorts of other colors: black, plum, olive, maroon, tan, animal print that unless I have an important meeting, I can wear them any day of the week. For lounging I have leggings and my lululemon studio pants.

    Will I miss my blue jeans and only end up replacing them? Should I keep the more expensive designer pair at least? I have a really hard time giving away stuff that still fits but I am also trying to clear space in my pants drawer.

    Blue jeans just seem… redundant now? This is a very recent revelation to me because they used be all I would wear.

    • Senior Attorney :

      Maybe put them in a holding area for a while and see how things go?

    • Anonymous :

      Why do you need to get rid of them? I usually don’t cull things until I haven’t worn them for a year or so.

    • You will be fine. Guess what? You grew up, as did the rest of us! I used to wear jeans all the time in college; very skinny jeans and all the guys used to look at my tuchus. Now I would never dream of wearing those jeans as men continue to look but now click their tongues at me, which is gross. My tuchus still is big and many men like that — dad says it gives them more of me to love! FOOEY! I do NOT want men ooogeling my tuchus. But OP, do NOT fret, you can do like the Senior Attorney says– put them on ice, see how you feel, but do NOT give them to goodwill, yet. Best of luck as you get older, as we all do! YAY!!!!

  2. Please Don't Run Red Lights :

    It’s been nearly two weeks since I was almost t-boned by a driver running a red light while I was using a protected left turn…

    Insurance has deemed her totally at fault and is paying for my March, 2016 vehicle to be repaired.

    When I collect the repaired car at the dealer’s collision center, what do I ask, what do I need to look for? Other than it runs and looks non-crunched into smithereens from the right front headlight to the right second door …

    Is it typical for the new car extended warrant to still be in force? Do I have time to actually drive the car around for a day or so and put it through maneuvers to be sure everything is functional?

    I know I”ll have to disclose this whenever I eventually sell the car. We tend to keep cars 15+ years. I have <6k miles on her.

    I'm so grateful I was not hurt. I'm equally sad that the car may well "never be the same."


    • Glad you’re okay. This is why I always pause as soon as the light turns green, to let the jerk that needs to run the red get out of the way.

      • Please Don't Run Red Lights :

        RAWR. Thanks. Everyone saw her running the light and tried to honk to get her attention. I, naturally, was looking ahead, rather than behind me and over my right shoulder. I am not a leaper at lights, so she must have really been trucking and flying. Happily there were two witnesses at my set of lights AND a red light traffic camera.

        RAWR. Thanks.

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