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  1. HR Whaaaaat?! :

    How to handle an unresponsive HR person?
    I used to work as a professor for a small college. The college has had massive turnover, including key positions like CFO, president, HR. Rumor is that the college is on the verge of bankruptcy.

    I have been offered a new job at a much bigger and prestigious university, but the HR department at new job has been unable to verify my employment at old job. The single person who appears to be handling HR for old job has been completely unresponsive to new job’s emails, calls, as well as my emails and calls.

    I contacted my previous department chair, who did vouch to new HR re: my employment, but the form new job needs filled out he cannot certify.

    I have never run into such a problem… and it’s really messing things up for me. Now my start date has been pushed back. Ideas for how to resolve this? The HR persons boss at old job is the new interim college president, so going to that level seems extreme (?)

    • Anonymous :

      Can you go to the office in person, with a copy of the form, and just stay there until you get a response?

      • HR Whaaaaat?! :

        Unfortunately, no– I no longer live in the same state (or time zone, for that matter) :(

    • Anonymous :

      I am not in academia, so take this with a grain of salt . . . (and also post again on the afternoon thread for the folks who are in academia).

      I would absolutely go over her/his head at this point to the new interim college president. This is affecting your life! Screw the chain of command.

    • I wonder if you can offer to submit tax forms in the interim, to prove your employment. Not perfect. But it verifies your employment to a degree that may be acceptable to the new university. I’ve worked both in HR, and at small (and large) universities (though never in HR at either), and I feel you. It sucks.

      • HR Whaaaaat?! :

        Ah! Great idea. Thank you. I can easily do this as well as provide a copy of my original offer letter from them so at least it keeps a paper trail going. Thanks again for this suggestion.

        I just don’t get what’s going on with the HR person… it makes me think she must be in a full body cast or something, I’d be surprised at this level of unprofessionalism for someone who’s supposedly a VP of HR. :/ Maybe I should allow myself to be surprised.

        • Anonymous :

          I have yet to meet someone in HR that impresses me, sadly.

          • My dad summed it up perfectly. He also thinks people in HR are a-holes! Sorry for anyone in the HIVE who’s in HR, but dad has interfaced with a lot of a-holes in his day! YAY DAD! Dad is buying me a new 3BR coop! And he’s promised NOT to stay over more then 4 nites a week! FOOEY!

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