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  1. Law Student :

    Ladies: how do you feel about dress sandals at work on business casual days? I will be doing an internship in DC during the summer, and I’ve heard the heat and humidity is unreal. I’m from NE Ohio, so dressing for actually h-o-t weather, especially for jobs and internships, has never been a dilemma for me. Again, would only wear them on business casual days. I’m going to feel out the office before I would break them out. But before I bought a pair I wanted some insight. Thanks :)

    • I would definitely hold off until you are actually there working before you bought them. In so many situations they would just never be appropriate, so it seems silly to waste your money.

      I live somewhere very hot (though dry) and find that due to extreme A/C you will actually find yourself pretty chilly in the office, so you will probably be grateful for closed shoes.

    • In my (very casual) office, sandals are totally fine. But more to the point, most offices are heavily air-conditioned, so you shouldn’t need sandals for comfort in the office. Get a good sturdy pair of walking sandals for the commute, and then wear different shoes at the office (hopefully you can just 2 pairs of office shoes there).

    • I wear sandals to work on casual Friday in Houston, but so does half my office. Other offices I’ve worked in have differed. Wait til you get to DC, see what other people do, and shop for sandals then if you need or want to.

      d’Orsay flats would be a good dressier alternative. Example:

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