Resolutions for 2017 – What Are Yours?

Resolutions for Busy Women | CorporetteResolutions: Do you do ’em? We talked last year about how some people have a resolution theme instead of a list (I had to read my post to remember that “hungry” was my resolution — sad!), but I think this year I’m back to a simple list of things, all aimed at finally losing the baby weight and trying to grow my business.

Like I did last year, I thought I’d round up some of our posts that might help you with popular resolutions, like looking more polished, moving more, growing your career, and more.  Ladies, what are your resolutions for 2017? How did you do on your resolutions from 2016? Did anyone have any breakthroughs that you’d care to share?

Look More Polished

Appreciate More, Stress Less

Organize Your Busy Life

Grow Your Career

Socialize More

Save More

Pay Down Debt

Learn About Finances

Eat Better

Move More

Ladies, do you have any favorite conversations or posts that have been helpful for self-improvement? Any big topics we’ve missed, or things you’d like to see updated? What are your top resolutions this year — and what do you think the most common resolutions for busy women are?

Whether your resolution is to look more polished at work, appreciate more, organize your busy life, grow your career, socialize more, save more, pay down debt, learn about financial stuff, eat better, or move more, we rounded up all of our best posts for resolutions for busy women right here!

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  1. One of my resolutions is to travel more and to start making progress on that, I’m currently planning a week long trip for my parents, a sibling, and myself at the end of March. Any suggestions for a 5 day trip to 1-2 European cities that offer good food and and family friendly activities (not little kid family friendly, but activities that aren’t focused on the nightlife)?
    I’m a history buff, the rest of family enjoys scenic walks, and we all enjoy good food, but not necessarily fine (read: expensive) dining. We’re open to taking a train or driving between cities. None of us have traveled extensively, so we’re looking for a good city or two to start exploring.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    • Sydney Bristow :

      That’s a great resolution! I loved visiting Germany a few years ago. We flew into Brussels and stayed there a bit before taking the train to Germany (I wouldn’t put Brussels at the top of your travel list though). We stayed in a castle along the Rhine in a village called Kamp Bornhofen, which was amazing. The food everywhere we went was great. We took a boat tour up the Rhine and got off a few times to go tour castles and cute little towns. It was super fun.

      We only stayed in the small town, but spent a couple of hours in Cologne when switching trains. I think it could have been fun to stay a couple nights there as well.

      After Germany, we took the train to Amsterdam. I liked it, but found it to be a bit overwhelming. We aren’t nightlife people at all and both Germany and Amsterdam had a ton of fun options for other things to do.

    • Rome, Paris or Barcelona.

    • If you’re looking for activities once you pick your cities, Context offers walking tours in different cities. I did two different ones while in Paris; they keep the groups small (3-6 people, so you could probably get a private tour with your size group). They offer different themes (history, food, etc.); length depends on topic.

      • I’d suggest Italy: Rome+Sienna or Florence+Sienna. Or Spain: Seville+Barcelona/Madrid. They are all easy, relatively warm, not terribly expensive (looking at you, Paris). Italian food is great and Spain is becoming a foodie destination, but without hefty prices. I could also suggest Prague+Cracow/Budapest for a great, cheap and alternative experience, but wouldn’t go there in March and neither for my first European trip.

    • Anonymous :

      Paris or London or Madrid. All have plenty to do for 5 days. I wouldn’t try to combine cities for such a short trip if you haven’t been to the big European capitals before. Like, Lisbon and Porto is great, but not if you’ve never been to Paris!

    • Anonymous :

      I would do London and then take the train through the chunnel to Paris and fly out of Paris. Great food and lots of history/scenic strolls in both places.

      If that’s too chilly grey for you. I would do Venice and then take the train to Vienna.

      Nice to hit two different countries/cultures/languages if you can.

    • I think Vienna and Salzburg would fit your bill nicely. Or Vienna and the Wachau if you all are wine people.

      • We did Austria this summer and I’m dying to go back to the Wachau. Vienna was amazing as well.

    • I’ve heard great thinks about Berlin and then taking the train down to Munich

    • Never too many shoes... :

      Scotland or Ireland.

    • Amsterdam! Very walkable, lots of history and art, lots to see, and the food is great.

    • Thanks everyone!

      I had a personal desire to see Spain and a few of you mentioned Barcelona/Madrid, so maybe 2-3 days in each of those cities is the option we go with.

    • Taking into concern the timing (March), I would target Spain (Barcelona – great architecture, cuisine, lots of amenities, general atmosphere), Portugal (Lisabon is often overlooked but definitely worth it), France (Paris fits your bill and is beautiful all-year-round, I also enjoyed Bordeaux / La Rochelle / Lyon / Nice and southern region), Italy (Rome, Milan, Verona, Florence – all beautiful and great for sightseeing, with amazing food and wines). I would also recommend Prague/Czech republic (architecture, amenities, food/beer/wine), Budapest/Hungary (try their famous spas), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg plus hiking in mountains), Athens (take advantage of low prices). Strangly, I visited Bucharest/Romania 2x last year and I found it charming. I would also consider London.

    • I’d suggest Rome and Florence, or Paris with day trips to Versaille and the Loire Valley.

  2. Sydney Bristow :

    I always make resolutions and manage to keep several, though not all of them, every year. I normally spend December trying to figure out what I want to include and test drive the resolutions to see what might work well for me and stick. I try to come up with a yearly theme, but I haven’t been able to pick one for this year. I’m open to ideas if my resolutions suggest a theme to someone!

    This year my resolutions are to:
    Wear a jacket to work at least once a week
    Wear lipstick to work
    Stick to budget within $100 every month
    Get YNAB to spending 30 days old money then pay the difference between my income and expenses to my student loans
    Email/text a friend/family member once a week
    Complete my reading challenge (13 books I’ve wanted to read that I haven’t managed to read before because I only have a physical copy (so I have to read it at home instead of on the subway), the text or subject matter is challenging, etc)

  3. Anonymous :

    Mine are what many would consider simple. But for me, they’re big.

    1. Create a budget
    2. Meal plan for the week
    3. Pack lunches for work every day
    4. Pay off credit card
    5. Get into a regular exercise routine (whatever that may be)

  4. Anonymous :

    Fitness resolutions: I want to be able to bench press my body weight, dead lift and squat twice my body weight, do 10 pull ups, and run a 5k. Hired a personal trainer for the very first time to help me get my form right so I don’t injure myself in the process. All ambitious but achievable in the span of a year, I think.

    Anyone else have fitness resolutions that around around strength/achievement goals as opposed to losing weight?

    • Anonymous :

      I want to do 5 pull-ups, get my splits back, and run a 5K, all by June.

    • BeenThatGuy :

      Those are awesome goals! Report back your progress as you make those PR’s!

      For the first time ever, I’m not resolved on losing weight. I’m focusing on endurance rather than lifting goal. As a die hard Crossfitter, this is totally out of my comfort zone. But I bought a Peloton bike (and am loving it) to supplement with my crossfit workouts. I’m backing off all my lifts and going for lighter weight/more reps.

    • I tend to not make resolutions, so I look at it more as a goal. This year I want to run a trail 50k. The longest race I have done so far is 25 miles and it was so technical there wasn’t as much running as I would like. Right now, I am getting ready to pull the plug on registering for one in April (on my birthday!). There are two others I am targeting – July and October. Then next year I will go for a 50 miler. The next step would be a 100k, then a 100 miler.

    • My goal is to complete 3 sprint triathlons this year and to get faster with each one. Last year I completed my first, which was a goal of mine for many years. Looking forward to becoming more competitive and learning more about the sport

    • Amelia Earhart :

      I registered for my first half marathon and will probably run/walk it, but my only goal is to finish.

    • AnonInfinity :

      I want to strength train 3x per week and bench at least 100 lbs. I was close last summer but then fell out of training for 4 months, so now I’m almost back to the beginning.

      Y’all are all awesome!

  5. I usually just make one resolution, so I don’t get overwhelmed. I have two this year, though:
    -Plan my PTO more proactively, so I take more of it and get less burned out between trips
    -Accept compliments (“thank you”) rather than brushing them off, giving off false modesty, refuting them, or squirming uncomfortably

  6. Shopaholic :

    My resolution is to stop complaining about my body/hating the way I look and do something about it instead so I guess my resolution is to lose weight but I want to do it in a purposeful, moderate way that hopefully helps me love my body.

    • Me too!

      I had a shock of a “first time on the scale in years” moment in the spring, and that was on a day I felt “thin.” Mostly through gradual diet changes, I’m down 15 pounds since April, and have 15-20 left to go. I’m not about to win any prizes for fastest weight loss, but the weight was 9 years on and so I’d be thrilled with 18 months off. I’m also hoping that the slow-and-steady approach means I’ll be in a good position to maintain my weight once I achieve my goal.

    • I think this will be MY resolution also. I also want to listen to Grandma Leyeh and make a resolution to give guys more of a chance then I have in the past. She said a pretty girl like me ought to be MARRIED by now, and she is proababley right, but I think that I need to still NOT just get married to any schlub who come’s along. We compromised by saying that I would clear all guys with her and NOT dismiss them unless she agreed they were a schlub.

    • WorkingMom :

      Several years ago I was able to change my mental approach to my own body image. I had gotten to the point that I was tired of beating myself and battling myself all day every day. I read some cheesy self help books and they actually helped – but a big part was making myself talk to myself like I would talk to my best friend. If my best friend “fell off the diet/exercise wagon” for a couple weeks, I wouldn’t tell her she was a fat lazy slob who deserved nothing. I would tell her it’s not big deal, get back on track, don’t beat yourself up! But why did I say those things to myself? I stopped – I started positive self talk. I also read an article about not “earning treats” by working out. The general premise was, “you’re not a dog, you do not have to perform for treats.” Meaning: if you want to eat a cupcake, you don’t have to run 2 miles first to earn the cupcake. Instead – change your thinking – run 2 miles because it’s good for you, and makes you feel good (or do whatever exercise makes you feel good) and eat cupcakes in moderation, because you enjoy them. It sounds silly; but to me it was LIFE CHANGING.
      I no longer look in the mirror and see the negatives; I see my amazing body and what it can accomplish, and I generally try to treat my body to great exercise that I love to do and make me feel good, and nourish my body with good foods that I enjoy. FWIW, the “before” me was probably about the same weight I am now, maybe a few pounds heavier. It really wasn’t about weight or pant size at all. Granted – I am probably in better physical fitness and stronger than before; but I appreciate my body now and I didn’t before. (Just sharing in case this helps anyone!)

  7. Anonymous :

    I’m trying to make my life more about me. Do more things I love, say no to more things I don’t.

  8. Anonymous :

    My resolution this year is to make spending time with good friends and family a priority and to make more time for this by downshifting so-called friends who are really acquaintances.

    NPR recently had a good piece about friendships vs. acquaintances and how 50% of our friends might not even like us, and I found that piece to be clarifying as to my resolution.

  9. Ancient Blue Haired Lady :

    1. Read 20 books (got a Kindle last year and I’ve been reading a lot more than I used to, so I think I could up my goal. I already read one book this year!)
    2. Stretch for 5 minutes every day (I’m seriously so bad about stretching, so this seems like a baby resolution, but it’s going to be difficult!)
    3. Save more money!
    4. Visit my local gym 100 times (not counting trips to my apartment complex gym). I hit 78 last year, so I think I can do it.
    5. Learn a new skill (gonna learn Java!)

  10. I made a goal for each month this year. Some of them include making a charitable contribution, planting 3 trees in our yard, fostering a dog, cooking dinner at least twice a week, and paying off my car.

    • Those are great goals. We planted a tree in our front garden after being inspired by the book Lab Girl. It is a (tiny) monkey puzzle tree, raised some eyebrows from the council but I love it.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I reread The Happiness Project at the end of the year and love the idea of setting monthly goals. I might try to break mine down into more specifics with a big focus on one per month.

  11. My new year’s reso is to have a baby. By myself. I had been considering egg freezing, but I am financially ready to do this, and I work in biglaw and can throw money at childcare/go PT if I need to. This is a huge decision, but I have given it a lot of thought and it’s the right thing for me.

    • Anonymous :

      Yay! Congrats! that’s so exciting!

    • I’m doing this as well! If you’re interested in having a buddy who’s in the same boat, feel free to email me at my username at the mail of Google.

      • This makes me so happy. Please don’t think this is weird from a stranger, but you would make a wonderful mother.

      • Lorelai Gilmore :

        I’m so happy for you, cbackson. I’ve been reading your words on this board for what, at least five years now? And you always are so thoughtful and well-spoken and just generally kind and considerate and smart. You will be a wonderful mom.

    • Hey I’m thinking of this for 2017 too! Same situation, Biglaw, don’t want to wait (i.e. freezing my eggs), have money to spend on childcare and support.

    • I say this with 100% honesty and respect – ladies, I admire you for this! This is what I think “living your life with no regrets” looks like.

  12. I commented on a dead thread but I really like Laura Vanderkam’s quarterly work, family, self goals. Mine are:

    Work: submit and defend PhD and 2/3 articles for publication
    Family: make our family of 2 + cat a family of 3 + cat and foster relationships with my in laws (they are lovely, I just don’t feel a connection, and it is important to my husband)
    Self: get back to my regular yoga practice once this all day sickness comes to an end (10 weeks along, hopefully soon)
    Home: get the house painted, konmari, and make a capital investment plan of what we’d like to do and what should be prioritised

    Things are a bit up in the air at the moment with baby stuff (first scan in two weeks), a new job for husband, and post PhD hob uncertainty for me so I’m just trying to take things one step at a time and be a bit gentle with myself. Also going to convince the midwife to give me some meds for the sickness tomorrow, which might hopefully make a difference as my current state is unsustainable.

    • How did telling your parents go?!

      • Amazing! They cried and my dad kept whispering to my mom “were going to be grandparents!” and giggling. I was also super ill while there so it was nice to give my husband a break from looking after me.

  13. Anonymous :

    My theme for 2017 is Geting Out of Survival Mode. I have been living in survival mode for several years now at work and in my personal life, always scrambling to keep all the balls in the air, always thinking “If I can just make it through this next trip/to the end of this project/until school starts again/until Christmas is over, then I can get everything under control and start being more proactive.” But that never happens. This year, I am going to cut out everything that doesn’t contribute in some way to my long-term goals and do something every day to further each of those goals. When my boss says I shouldn’t write for my own grants because I should be spending all of my time working on his projects, I’m going to tell him where to go. I am going to publish more. I am going to stop saying I’ll go to yoga tomorrow because I am too tired today, or justifying having a soda instead of tea because I am just so exhausted and I need it to keep going. I am going to make my kid stop wasting our entire lives waiting for her to slooooowly nibble her dinner and take a shower and brush her teeth, even if it means feeding her dinner in the car. I am going to get rid of all of my work clothes except the sheath dresses I love and stop wasting money on other practical basics that I never wear because they look frumpy. And at the end of the year, I am going to convince my husband to sell our house so we can stop wasting time and money maintaining it and buy a smaller, newer one within walking distance of our kid’s school.

    • “Survival mode” would be a good name for what I’ve been in, except mine has maybe been more extreme.

  14. Dang that’s a ton of resolve in the post!

    I don’t do the whole NY resolutions thing, but I have lost nearly 30 lbs since July and plan to lose 20-30 more, along with getting stronger (how much stronger? I dunno. Used to have bodyweight bench press as a goal, now just want to increase incrementally). I have a backlog of stuff to do (get passports, eye exam/glasses, set up my kid’s savings better, etc) and am using the school days schedule to tackle a couple of those per week. I also want to take up the recorder, am planning to get in touch with someone at the U once their semester has gotten started. So nothing really tied to the year end/beginning calendar.

  15. Anonymous :

    Mine are:

    1. Get CB therapy for anxiety
    2. Get physical therapy for a nagging physical injury that hampers my working out
    3. Work out 3 x a week even if it is at a lower intensity than I prefer because of number 2
    4. Stop putting cream in my coffee
    5. Family dinner at least 1x a week and Family breakfast 1/weekend
    6. Family game night 1x/month
    7. Quit diet coke

  16. Anonymous :

    1. Deadlift and back squat my body weight
    2. Read 52 books, including the BookRiot Read Harder challenge
    3. Cut back on eating on for reasons like forgetting my lunch (vs. meeting friends for lunch, which I intend to continue doing)
    4. Spend more time outside, even in less than ideal weather

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I looked at the Read Harder challenge and was thinking I might tackle it after reading the 13 books on my list. Some of them look really challenging and way outside of what I normally read, which I realize is the point!

      • Anonymous :

        It’s a lot of fun! I did it in 2016 as well, and did all but 1/2 of the tasks (I only made it halfway through the “read a book about religion” task, because the one I picked, while interesting, was longer and denser than expected).

  17. There are some great resolutions here!

    Mine are around the theme of being more open to people; I want to smile at strangers when I make eye contact with them walking down the street, sitting in a restaurant, waiting in a line, etc. I also made a list of people I want to stay in contact with and make sure I connect with them once a quarter.

  18. Away Game :

    Go to bed at 10:15 every night. That’s all. I think many of the other things I want to do will be so much easier if I can keep to a reasonable bedtime – and get more sleep more often – so I’m sticking to just one resolution.

    • Lorelai Gilmore :

      This is so brilliant. I think I might steal it. So much else in my life – especially food and exercise – flows from getting enough sleep.

  19. 1) work out at least twice a week then build up to 3 or more times a week: My metabolism is okay but i cant rely on that/healthy eating forever, plus i feel so much better mentally after i do it
    2) read more books: I have so many amazing books on my bookshelf i need to get through
    3) Drink more water
    4) put myself in situations to meet new people (romantically and platonically) and explore hobbies more
    5) continue to work on not being a doormat and cutting out or limiting my time spent with people who stress me out
    6) follow my intuition more
    7) put a little more effort into makeup/the way I look as part of self care
    8) be kinder to myself


  20. Bullet Journaling.

    I just got my full year travel (known conferences and family vacations) organized. Of course other travel will come up but it’s good having everything roughly blocked out.

    I’m most excited about using the daily task lists. I haven’t been organized about my to-do’s and I think this will keep me more accountable and on track.

    • I bought a journal last year, got all excited and then dropped the ball. I’d like to get back to it for accountability reasons.

  21. I’m going to make my bed every day. I keep reading that it helps you in other areas of life.

    • I did this after reading the Happiness Project and it really did help me in other areas. It helped structure my morning and made me always pleased to come home and see my room tidy and inviting. Plus I swear my bed is more comfortable when straighten the sheets. It also helped me with a consistent “bed time” because it was “oh it is 11pm time to go to bed” and then I went in and took off throw pillows and “turned down” sheets. Such a small thing but it really impacted my life — I hope it will for you too!!

  22. Resolution :

    I got 70 pounds to lose. 70. I know how this happened- I just stopped caring and ate all the falafel– but I am so sick of hating the way I look

  23. Resolutions:
    1) write by hand a letter every week to my mom (who loves mail)
    2) visit one new country this year ( thinking Greece or Lebanon to visit girlfriends)
    3) dance 5 minutes every day

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